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Thread: Time for a break from the SR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zib View Post
    Angle, Technique all play a role. It takes time to get it down. Just take your time. Make sure your doing a good pre shave. Either a hot towel or shower first, then some pre shave oil will help. If you don't have any, you can use Olive oil. It'll work, just a few drops is all you need. Massage it into your face.

    Also, soap may be too thin, and not giving you adequate protection. Switch to shave cream. It's thicker, and has more cushion. I was never too impressed with VDH soap myself. Some like it. I think I read you have Tobs, That's good stuff. Give that a go, and make sure your angle is not too steep. Less is more in the beginning.
    There is so much to learn about Str8 razor shaving I tackled them one at a time. For the first few months I used a good shave cream, probably a little more than I needed, to ensure a really good thick lather. I tried the soaps but they were watery, thin and I wanted to concentrate on learning to shave.
    When I started I made sure my razors were shave ready (Thanks Lynn) and learned to strop and shave first. I did not use a str8 if I had to rush and I still don't. I kept a DE ready to go and continue to have when readily available.

    There are many things to learn about wet/str8 razor shaving that IMHO, it gets overwhelming and then you bleed or worse, stop trying and go back to the "other" way.

    Take your time, go slow, learn to shave. Your shaving skills as well as all the other skill will come in time.

    Quote Originally Posted by mjsorkin View Post
    For lathering I think the proraso red will be a great cream to practice with. I've used two or three tubes of proraso and find that a great lather comes pretty easily. Maybe stick with one thing for a week or two for the sake of consistency.

    Nothing wrong with just doing a couple of swipes with the straight then finishing your shave with a de. I did that for a long time and I still keep a de in the cabinet at all times. Also nothing wrong with just one pass. One pass is almost always enough for any occasion.

    I keep the DE with a fresh blade on the counter, ready to go.
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    Default Time for a break from the SR?

    I read that you as prep use a aluin block,i have heart and encountered that this kill your lather. No good lather no good shave imo. Maby you dont use aluin before but after the shave.
    Good luck and stick whit it after a month you are you laugh on this.

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    Yeah - I went with the DE again today and went super light touch, got a nice generous thick lather with the TOBS, closer shave - not BBS mind you - but pretty good and NO after burn! Note to other noobs: stick around this place and *mine* it for info & tips/tricks, and thanks again everyone for humoring us noobs - probably a new batch every xmas, right? Great advice. I will quit with the daily updates for now
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    I'm new to this site, but have been sr shaving for several years. My test for shave ready sharp, while many would consider a little brutal, is to test it on my lower neck without ANY lather or water - completely dry. The point being, a really sharp blade will shave you dry, and lather is probably the least of your issues. No substitute for practice and once you have it down, you'll never go back. To me its a Zen thing.

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