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Thread: Brotherhood of trust

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    Default Brotherhood of trust

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    After a couple months practice on my own face, my trusting younger brother persuaded me to do his whole head. We may have another convert.

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    I'm not sure 'trusting' is the right word here... I think you mean TRUSTING!!

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    It was in original condition, faded red, well-worn, but nice.
    This was and still is my favorite combination; beautiful, original, and worn.
    -Neil Young

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    3 things he didn't want to hear:

    1. "Oops!"
    2. "Okay, rinse!"
    3. "You didn't need that _____ anyway."
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    There are no words in the English language to describe the fear I would have being either the shaver or the shavee. My hat off to you both.

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    I have shaved friends and family with my straights. But even i would feel funny scalping (Whoops wrong word. I ment Shaving there head) them.
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    SWMBO wanted to shave my face the other night, I let her try it out on my arm first and now I have BBS arms and my face didnt come out half bad, soon she will be giving me better shaves than I give myself.
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    i think id let someone do it that had used a straight before .. i almost let a girl friend do it once but we couldnt find a razor at the time .. knowing what i know now about straight razor shaving , only a person who has used one would i let attempt it
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    Dunno about the brotherhood, but i let my wife cut my hair recently with a set of Wahl hair trimmers, No 4 comb, the comb popped off and she left a huge divit in the side of my head, i have never seen her laugh so hard. I had to call my son in to tidy it up, ended up with a mohawk, which was kind of cool, but i won't be letting her anywhere near me with a razor.
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    I actually shaved one of my fraternity brothers faces. It was a scary thing at first, because the point of view was all off. It is way different shaving someone else, but after bugging me for an entire semester, even during finals week to shave him, I finally cracked and decided that he must really want it done. Needless to say, he was impressed with the results. He said that under his jaw was smoother than any cartridge razor had ever done. I don't know if I'll be doing it again in the future though.

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