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Thread: Dull Blade after a month?

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    Well, I went ahead and applied chromium oxide paste to my webbed polyester strop. Practice a careful stropping routine. About 30 on the polyester, then about 75 on leather. Rinse and repeat. Edge is now better but I can tell it wont last for another month without touch up honing. My second SR is on its way. I have the feeling they will start mysteriously piling up in my bathroom. What do I tell my wife when she asks about my razor hoarding disease?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorthin View Post

    Yes, I strop before and after but I suspect my stropping skill has room for improvement. I just ordered a second shave ready SR to have as a back up. I'm still too fresh to try my luck with a stone or a Swaty. Don't want to ruin a relatively new razor.
    I'm in the Texas tropics, all the way down in Corpus Christi.
    Get Lynn's World Of Straight Razor DVD World Of Straight Razor DVD - Straight Razor Place Classifieds.

    Like you, I was afraid of ruining my razor by trying to hone it. The DVD presentation made it look like something "even I" could do.

    Also like you, I bought another razor to put off having to learn to hone. By the time I got to the third razor I decided that I can't keep putting off honing.

    I have since moved on to Shapton hones, but the DVD got me started.

    You are wise in stropping after the shave to make sure that your blade is clean and free of soap residue and other contaminants. I also keep my razors in a room adjacent to the bathroom in a closet for further protection from the humidity.

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    Please do not let them pile up in the bathroom moisture kills razors.

    to keep SWMBO happy stash them here and there in dry places away from children... if she ever gets a good count of them she will think you either have enough or too many. if they are not all together it is harder for them to keep track and you can say "no this was one from the hall closet when in fact is is one of 3 new ones" you have to be tricky with the wife some times... mine knew "several hundred" while we were dating and that covers anything up to several thousand... when i sold off 400 last year she whined i did not reduce the numbers enough

    Be just and fear not.

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