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    Default What an improvement! Newbies (like me) Read everything in the forum, Thank you guys!!

    This seems like the right place to put this.
    First and foremost, thanks to all of you for taking the time to help us that need help with every step.
    Bought a straight (Theirs Issard) NOT SHAVE READY
    Shaved entire face with it, results, razor burn, cuts, drag, and beard was still there.
    Tried again, again, again, same results. (Insanity)
    DO something different, quit or read and follow what experienced shaver/ honers take the time to post.
    It's true, you can and will get much better, better not a pro. ( I'm certainly not there yet)
    Long winded I know, so here's where I am.
    Started a couple months ago, bought Norton 4/8K combo stone and Chinese (cheap) polish stones. Poor results a first but looked at edge and bevel with 45 K magnifier. Slow and carful set bevel, honed and strop carful. Razor is much sharper, how do I know?
    Shaved entire face, pushed to hard ( didn't seem like it) razor burn, and cuts, also from to many passes. Still lots of stubble when finished but patchy stubble 50%. Should have listened.
    Slowed down and shaved cheeks only, made it to WTG, XTG and cheeks were so close to BBT smooth.
    Jump forward, today. Carful light pressure full shave, only the toughest areas for me to hold the razor are not smooth, 85% smooth and I mean smooth.

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    Moved this to Beginners section. Seems to be most helpful there.

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    Is this like a "free association" experiment? lol.

    You're welcome, welcome home, home once a year for 7 years...years...tears..yeah I collect fleer basketball cards, cards for my mom on her birthday, chirstmas, I love christmas, snow is ok but I don't like the cold. Cold rolled...cold rolled annealed machine ground 1/4 inch. pinch..pinch me and I'll wake up and say...

    You're welcome.

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    Know what you mean, I was a little too eager at the start also. A case of too soon old and too late smart for me.

    Life is a terminal illness in the end

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