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Thread: Razor Not Shave Ready?

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    Good work

    sharp enough that I can barely feel it cutting the hair.
    Stropping, lots of stropping. Take a look at Beginners, The 1k shave the experiences in that thread teach how valuable stropping is.


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    Sounds like an excellent first try for being in the position of having to do all aspects of it on your first attempt. Congrats!!!

    On testing the edge by cutting arm hair, it's not consistent between guys. One may have very coarse hair, and another very fine. Both will cut differently, so as you learn honing you'll have to calibrate that test to your own hair and find that match between sharpness and hair type. When you do get it down, it's a pretty good test. I use it regularly.

    You'll find that having to learn everything at once may be a little frustrating because when the shave isn't that good it's hard to figure out if its the edge, or the technique, or, even both. That's the reason for us suggesting a professionally sharpened, shave ready, razor all the time, and of course we know that wasn't available for you this time around. But for any other new guys reading this, do yourself a favor and start with a pro honed razor.

    Anyway, congrats on the first honing and shave, and, Keep Having Fun!!!

    Oh, and, you are hooked!!

    Best Regards,


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