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    Hi, i thought i'd give an update and maybe some food for thought for begginers. The experienced shavers may look away now
    I started with an expensive Dovo and it just didnt work for me. There n then i never got on with Murkur in the DE world, i prefered EJ and Ninja Blades.
    I'm English so maybe subliminally i dont get on with German goods or European.
    The nicest shave i found was from a Thiers Issard blade. Then i discovered Baxters of California .Wow. Americans do stuff better (fact)
    I bought their "Not a Replica" blade . It teaches you respect for the steel its beyond sharp. I have ordered another one with a hickory handle and i will try a normal heart steel one eventually.
    Also i stopped using pre shave oil, Clarins being the best i could find but prefered the non messy stuff, like Proraso pre shave cream. However since ive started straight shaving i think oil is a must, especially for the beginner. I've started using Truefit & Hill No10 pre shave jell. It has oil within the gell. It make a hell of a mess and gets hair stuck on everything but its well worth it for that extra glide factor.
    Another thing, i never get razor burn or bumps or rashes but when ive had a straight razor shave , my skin knows it, it feels slightly butchered. Probably because my technique is poor. I have untold different razor burn balms and creams but the one that works the best is the Proraso after shave balm (new Formula) . It comes in a glass container and pours out like milk , it smells of limes or lemons and i thought it was kinda crap but within seconds any soar areas return to normal and stay that way. I've found that its the best at calming the skin..
    Thats about it..

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    Cheers for the update

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