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Thread: A Beginer

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    Default A Beginer

    Hello everyone,

    I am Damian from San Diego, California. I am interested in starting to use a Straight Razor and was wondering what type of razor to get? I have read a lot and have heard a bunch of different ideas. I do not want something too expensive, but I also do not want a razor that is not good and will discourage me from continuing to use a straight razor. What do you guys think is a good price range for a starting razor and what brand should I get.

    Thank you!

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    The key is to really look around and see what different razors are available. When you see one that looks nice to you and is within your budge, then that is the one to pick up. A lot of vendors also have kits that include strops or soaps and brushes as well.

    If you find one you like and have a questions, the folks here will help you out all they can.

    Welcome to a lifetime of not only great shaving, but an experience that will change shaving for you from a chore to something you look forward too.

    Have fun

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    Dovo, 5/8, no more than $100, including honing. Never, ever, believe a razor is already shave-ready.

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    Yeah, a lot of us here started with a Dovo Best Quality. It's a great-shaving and easy-honing razor. The Classifieds here also have a lot of good razors, often for great prices!
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    Thats a good razor, I have one and love it. They also have it as a set (as do many of the vendors out there) with a soap and brush and strop. If I had to do it again thats where I would start. In reality you can start with any quality razor that catches your eye as long as it is properly honed. Happy Shaving

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    In my opinion can't go wrong with a professionally sharpened dovo 5/8 best quality. It's an easy razor to sharpen, strop and is a pleasure to shave with.
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    Hello dfussel
    Welcome to SRP.
    i was fortunate to find a relatively new set in my hometown on Kijiji.
    Came with everything i need including a Dovo Best.
    Lots of info here, a good place to start is to introduce yourself at the Introduction Page.
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    Hey Damian,

    Welcome to the forum!! Not much left to be said, excellent coverage from above. The razor you listed is very capable and takes a nice edge. Also from an excellent vendor!! The one thing I'd suggest is to get the 3" strop. Easier to use and learn on!

    Again, Welcome!!

    Best Regards,


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    Hello, Damien, and welcome to Straight Razor Place.

    You've already had ample useful advice. Perhaps I can summarize your needs to start shaving the gentleman's way. Some of the vendors here will offer you starter kits. Or you can purchase what you need separately from one vendor or different vendors. Stay off eBay for your razor until you gain some experience and know your way around the straight razor world. A good razor, professionally honed, will give you a good start. So here are my thoughts:

    1. Razor: Relatively inexpensive. Professionally honed to shave-ready status. Preferably a 5/8" blade size, because it's a good starting razor. The Dovo Best Quality will serve you well. Some of the razors offered in the Classified here will also work.

    2. Strop: The vendors noted at SRP offer a variety of strops. I prefer a 2.5" wide strop, for which I need to strop in the X-pattern. You, however, will do well with a 3" strop, because you need not learn the X-pattern yet, since you have plenty to learn already.

    3. A good brush is also essential to traditional shaving. The vendors listed at SRP offer a variety. A 22 mm to 24 mm brush in boar or badger will work well. Semogue and Omega offer a good variety of boar brushes. For badger brushes, your choices include Thater, Simpson, Vulfix, shavemac, Edwin Jagger and Kent, among others. Take your pick. Eventually you'll end up with more than one brush.

    4. Soap or cream: Here, too, you have a treasure of products, which include:
    Creams: Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street, D.R. Harris, Institute Karite, RazoRock, Proraso, Edwin Jagger and many others.
    Soaps: Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street, D.R. Harris, Institute Karite, Mitchell's Wool Fat, Tabac, Prevence Sante and many others.

    5. Styptic Pencil. Here, too, there is a big variety. This product is essential, because it will take care of the small nicks.

    Some gentlemen use the next two items and some don't. Use them or not is your choice. I consider them a must.

    6. Alum bloc. This is the world's oldest astringent to use after the shave. It will heal tiny nicks and refresh the skin.

    7. Aftershave balm. Here, too, you have a big choice. Some are are pricey and some not. For starters, try Nivea from the local pharmacy. That's good stuff for the price.

    Finally, the most important elements in straight razor shaving:
    Some gentlemen pick up straight razor shaving because "it's cool." That's fine, but there is more to it. It's experiencing an art form that takes skill and requires patience and tenacity. You must love it to do it. Or will will eventually love it and do it for the rest of your life. It will become a sweet obsession. This is something to enrich your quality of life, and to add pure joy to the start of day. So throw away the clock and take your time learning the skill. You will also need help, but then you have an army of teachers here at SRP. Ask a question and you'll have your answer in no time.

    Stay well and good luck.
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