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Thread: New Razor

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    Default New Razor

    so i bought this Celluloid Thistle and Cutlery NY razor. what do you guys think? any good? sorry for blurry pics.

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    i also bought a Norton 4000/8000 stone and a DMT D8C lapping plate.

    any recommendations?

    also what is a good strop, brush etc. that you guys recommend. thanks!
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    Looks like you're off to a good start. Your razor appears to be in very good shape and you have the basics to keep you in good shaves for many years to come. Welcome to SRP and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    Regards - Walt
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    the razor and stone sound good. I'm not sure you really need a lapping plate to start out with, but I suppose you can always use it to sharpen the kitchen knives until you need it for your hone. as far as recommendations for additional equipment I actually like the vdh brush and soap you can find at any walgreens or cvs. the first vdh brush I had did shed hair like crazy, but the next one I got doesn't and they're cheap enough it doesn't hurt too much when you end up having to throw one away. as far as a strop goes anything from one of the vendors on here will work and you eventually will need a strop. getting a strop can be put off for a little while if you use folded newspaper to strop with but you will want to get one fairly soon. my strops are all reconditioned vintage strops used by family members that were barbers back in the 50's/60's, but that's more of a personal preference for using equipment that I have a family connection to. for what it's worth I did have a couple razors restored by a guy from here and he used a srd premium strop for the final stropping before shipping them back and it had me thinking about trying to get around that preference for family heirlooms.
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    I like Thistle razors
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