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    Default Another newbie joins the club.

    Nice to meet you, to all on SRP,

    Today, I made the jump and decided to shave with a str8. I will be making the switch cold and with no back up razor as I am determined to master this skill/art.
    I'd like to thank all of you who participate in this forum as it gave me a plethora of top notch information and tips, for the past few weeks while I was making my buying decisions. It is but a rare delight to find a forum around that still has such knowledgable and enthusiastic members. I myself, must admit I am very enthusiastic about things I put my mind to.

    I ordered from "The Superior Shave" and I must say that Jarrod was very pleasant and helpful if all vendors are like this than this is going to be a great experience. Anyways here was my order...

    Dovo black star 5/8 pakkawood..
    strop, alum block, paste, brush, hone, and lathering materials..

    Everything I need.... As well as Samples... Again Jarrod was great..

    Now once again, I am digging for more info, because I need to master shaving, stripping, lathering, honing, buying lol, thanks in advance for all info and suggestions and thank everyone for this wonderful forum.

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    Welcome, there is always something to be learned here. Another good research topic. You can go on youtube, and look under gssixgun for honing tips, lynnabrams for shaving and stropping tips, gssixgun, undream22, lewis straight razors for restoration and maintainence videos. Good luck!
    Mastering implies there is nothing more for you to learn of something... I prefer proficient enough to not totally screw it up.

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