Hi guys

As some of you may know I had some issues with my dovo razor, so while I was waiting on its replacement I was using a DE. I ended up with razor burn, I go through a pretty big ritual, with oils, and hot towels and that, so I know my face is sensitive and my technique needs some work, mostly with not using pressure. Anyway, I looked for ways to fix the razor burn, bought different products, well it was ok but it kept on fighting back, so I went to the burn isle of my local chemist, and saw this product I know all too well, and thought "OF COURSE!". This product is Bepanthen, I brought it home and used it straight away, I had high hopes in this product, I used it with my tattoos in the past as its pretty much standard in that industry and with my little girl of course. Its great, I picked it up yesterday, used it twice and my now hugely bad razor burn is now gone so I could use my straight razors for the first time. I decided to look up on here and seen it mentioned a couple of times but decided to try and make it stand out just a bit more. So if you can get your hands on it in you country, give it a go, it may help out a lot!

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Thanks guys