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Thread: Pastes and such

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    Only enough to keep the blade flat on the strop. Try not to press or drag the edge at all. Always keep the spine in contact with the strop.. always. Also, make sure the strop is perfectly straight, so not sagging at all. Not enough pressure is still better than too much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOB15 View Post
    Thanks for that info.. The only thing that im not 100% sure about is,when im stropping: should there be any pressure applied to the blade? I strop with no pressure but surely there should be a tiny amount?
    Pressure is NEVER the right way to go with a straight razor. Never use excessive pressure when using a straight razor.
    This is valid for everything:

    1) never use pressure when shaving. The weight of the blade is enough. You will prevent cuts on your face and applying pressure also gives you a lower quality shave
    2) never use pressure when honing: this will damage the bevel angle and edge
    3) never use much pressure when stropping: you will dull the edge

    As for pressure to be applied for stropping and how to strop a razor in general, this is a perfect guide about it: Razor stropping - Straight Razor Place Wiki
    I advice you to carefully read it: stropping is (almost) everything and always makes a huge difference. It will give you the best shave and it will keep your razor in perfect shape.
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