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    Default How long does a razor keep its "strop"

    Hi, I was just wondering how long if there is a limit you have to use your razor after stropping it? Can I strop the night before a shave, or is that no good? Thanks

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    I lately have been stropping after the shave and see no difference in the shave the next day. I've heard stuff about resting the razor etc but I feel that getting the razor dry with 5 laps on clean felt and then coating it with oil from the strop(50 laps) will prevent or at least greatly minimize oxidation from moisture. I like that the razor is put away pristine and I don't have to wipe my hands after lathering.

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    As long as the razor is kept dry no issues.
    I strop post shave to clean it off.
    On the following day if I am going to shave with a different flavor of shaver I finish stropping the one from the day before.
    I have some blades that have sat for 3+ months at a time.
    All I do to them is hot water rinse to remove the protective oil I put on them and then around 5 linen 10 leather to do the same.
    I could go straight to a shave post rinse but I like to make sure the blade is clean of the gun oil I like for longer term storage.
    It is just Whisker Whacking
    Relax and Enjoy!

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    As with so many issues associated with straight shaving, whatever works for you, works for you.

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    Yea, I strop the razor I will use the next morning the evening before, so far so good.

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