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    Default Mug sizes

    I already have one shaving mug and it's got a cake of shaving soap in it. I've got some new soaps on the way and I'd like to get at least one more mug dedicated to shaving soap. What I really want is a Grateful Dead mug. There are some on ebay that are simply 12oz coffee mugs, but nothing with a diameter over 3.25". Is there a drawback to using a coffee mug for shaving? I realize that if the cake doesn't fit in the mug, that's an obvious problem, but I'm unsure if the cake needs room to expand, or if one needs space between the cake and the sides of the mug, which would let in more air and create a better lather. I've some 1oz trial size soaps on the way from TGQ, so I assume they'd fit in a regular mug like this. Am I just putting too much thought into this?


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    I use a soup mug from my wife.It is like a coffe mug but biger.It work very good.


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    If it's glycerin based soap like TGQ's, it can be made fit any mug size by heating it carefully in a microwave. About 5-10 seconds, repeated 2-3 times as needed. Don't try this with triple milled (hard) soap, as it would destroy the soap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickypr View Post
    I use a soup mug....
    I bought a cheap soup mug at ShopKo, and it works very well with Mama Bear soaps.

    You can use a 12 oz. coffee mug, but the downside is they're deep, and if you've got a short-handled brush, they can be difficult to use.

    Another method that I like better than melting is to use a cheese grater to grate the soap and then mold it into whatever container I want to use. This works with either glycerin or hard milled soap.

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