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Thread: Welcome To The Best brush Forum on the Internet.

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    Default Welcome To The Best brush Forum on the Internet.

    This morning I was down at the General Store/Post Office to check the mail and gathered around the pot bellied stove were the usual suspects; the Mayor, Deputy Butkiss, Clem, Festus, Charlie and Eustace.

    As usual they were bitching and moaning about this or that as the Post Mistress came around the counter to give the mayor a package. He said this came all the way from Germany as he tore through the wrappings and produced a brand spanking new Badger Shaving Brush with crystal handle and silver trim. He said this is a Thater Brush and you know the Germans make the best stuff in the world. Clem said where you get that? You canít bring in that Nazi stuff itís illegal. Eustace said wake up Clem the war ended over 60 years ago thems our friends now. Clem said when did that happen?

    Charlie looked at the brush and said thatís rite purdy and cute. Why a little brush like that would be enough to lather my upper lip and you paid how much for that and the shipping too. Why youíre just a fish you still have the hook in your mouth. Charlie said you need a manís brush a big Simpson Super like mine. Eustace said heck, they went out of business and Vulfix makes em now and theyíre garbage. The Deputy chimed in and said Iíve got you all beat my big Rooney Finest is hand selected and made and can whip all your brushes. Charlie said yea Iíve seen your brush and I wouldnít use it to shave a goat. Festus jumped up and said well how you knowÖI said sit down and slapped him upside his head.

    The Post Mistress said heck I have a Plisson High Mountain White and everyone knows thatís the best brush in the world. Why they have to have an expedition to the lower reaches of the highest peaks in Europe to cajole the critters into the traps. Eustace said, KaÖ Kooj what you say? Charlie said heck everyone knows those Plissons come from China and your just paying for that name. Halfwitte said, why Napoleon had a Plisson Brush and I guess someone stole it. Baaaby was outside and started Baaaing when she heard that. The Mayor said, besides what you use a shaving brush for. She said well I use it to lather up my..ahem..(you know what I mean). He said now youíre just joshing us. She said yea Chee-Chee Iíve spied you looking in my window when I was taking a shower. He jumped up and ran out of there.

    I said youíre all crazy why I use a Boar Brush made from the Bristles I pulled out of Johnstonís prize domesticated wild Boar and it shaves the best. Deputy Butkiss said so youíre the one who assaulted that poor critter. No wonder he has such a sour disposition.

    So guys there you have it. Feel free to come on into the store and have a seat by the stove. Maybe have a chaw of Tobacco and some moonshine or maybe smoke some of that funny stuff (but no drug abusers allowed, we donít cotton to that no way) and letís talk about these brushes no matter the brand, the type, the size or the cost thereís something for everybody and we want to know about it. Also don't forget about those associated brush items we want to know about them too.
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