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Thread: does knot size matter!!

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    A 30mm Tuxedo? I like the sound of that. I have not owned a fan shaped knot but have wanted one. Another item that is on the want list. But i agree with Ray when it comes to a brush. There is much more to it than size. 26mm is the perfect knot size for me as long as the loft is right and the knot is tightly packed. Its all personnal preferance.
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    Hi Ness. This is Scott (tcmichihander).. I bought a Joh Engstrom frameback from you a number of months ago. l just purchased a high quality thater a few months ago a love it. I know its boar but those bristles are packed tight for sure.. Im pretty sure its a 24mm but ill check here in a few minutes. If you would like to borrow it for 6 weeks or so give me a PM.. Have no problem letting you use it as it cv would give me a chance to use this Yaqi i received recently.. Hope to hear from you Ness, Scott W
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