As you all know the purpose of this forum is to discuss the creation, service, repair and modification of shaving brushes and related subjects.

The purpose is absolutely not to use the forum as a vehicle to sell or advertise your wares or buy anything.

Often times the line is subtle and folks like to push the limits.

So, let me clear here. When you show a brush or two that's great. When you show multiple pieces it becomes obvious that is not for personal use and will be a prima facie case for removal of the thread for a first offense. If you post multiple items be prepared to explain the purpose of your post to staff. (please don't ask me what the magic number is that will depend on several factors)

Also remember this is not the place to just show your piece. You should accompany the picture with how to's so everyone can share in how it was created.

We have a forum to just show your creations and if you want to sell become a vendor and enjoy the privileges that status brings.