All donations of shaving Gear including soap, bowls, blades, razors, DE's, After Shave, etc... or even Razor Restoring and honing items are more than welcome as donations for the Giveaway.

From that tin of soap you forgot you had, or that razor you bought and never got around to restoring, or if you just feel you want to do your part for SRP and want to buy new stuff just for the giveaway, we are happy to have it. I'd love to keep these giveaways going on as long as SRP is on the web but it takes donations from our SRP family. We have had donations of all types in the past and some members have gone way beyond what was needed (Thank you). They just felt to "Pay it Forward" in this manner was the best thing to do.
So I hope to build up a good stock of different items again so we keep the Giveaways interesting.

So if your ready or even wondering about how to go about making a donation, please send me a PM. Or if you have my snail mail addy from dealing with me in the past just drop your donations in the mail. All items are added to a spreadsheet and accounted for and will be used in the Giveaway!

It's because of the fine members we have here at SRP that we can have these giveaways every month.

Thank you for doing your part and Smooth shaves to all!