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Thread: Tampon shortage ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    Ration cards during WW ll? My dad told me if you were willing to pay you could drive down to the gas station after hours and go out back and get all the gas you wanted.

    The same with most other commodities.
    I'm not sure the US ever had quite the same rationing as the UK.

    My mum and her siblings were allowed 1 egg and 2oz of sugar a week, Nan confiscated it from them to bake with. My mum didn't take sugar on anything, even cornflakes right up until she died.

    Mum used to tell me that the most memorable thing in her Christmas stocking during the War was a few nuts and a real orange.

    There was very little petrol as it all came from overseas and the u boats did their best to stop anything that needed to be imported.

    The only meat that wasn't rationed were sausages so all the housewives flirted with the butcher so he would throw in a banger or two for dinner.
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    I doubt many would be aware that rationing in Britain never officially ended until 1954 and they were the last country to come off rationing. In the USA rationing was officially over in 1947 while in Canada it was more like the fall of 1946. Britain got hit pretty hard and took longer to recover. We got off fairly easily on North America.

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    My dad was deployed to England straight out of boot camp. This was during the build up to the invasion of Normandy. He was there for a while and sat in the harbor with bombs dropping all around during the blitz.
    He told us a story about how he made friends with an English serviceman who took him to his parents house for dinner. Of course they made him tea and asked how many milk and sugar he took to which he said "none." The mother remarked that he was a good wat time guest since he didn't use up their milk or sugar.
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