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Thread: "Simplicity"

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelfixed View Post
    Many ways to finish Camel Bone,Glen probebly Knows best,I just hand polish to 1000 grit that use white diamond on the Buffer.
    Yep pretty much the same here, I use this after normal sandpaper to 400 3M Tri-M-Ite Imperial Polishing Paper Assortment

    Then White Polish from Caswell's

    All natural material somehow ends up with a coat or two of Ren wax hehehe Love that stuff

    One thing that should be mentioned however..

    You have to decide the look you are after also, you can make Bone almost "Too" perfect with polishing and take away from the character by making it appear to be almost plastic without imperfection..
    Same with Horn. It is a decision you have to weigh to fit your own aesthetics
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    Forgot the final Renwax,Use it on everything,great stuff.
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