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    Default Restored 5/8+ (11/16) Union Cutlery Blue Ring

    5/8+ (11/16) Union Cutlery Blue Ring, Olean, N.Y. full hollow ground spike point.
    Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you “bring’em back alive”.

    After winning this one in an auction I was disappointed when it arrived. I Post a question in the SRP’s eBay Talk forum… “Should I return it?”
    The overwhelming response was… “Keep it”
    Glad I took the advice from the members…
    Before pix in thread link below:

    I thought this blade was ruined by the previous owner. Looks like it was “cleaned” with 80 grit paper on a belt sander, but with a little creative sanding the scratches cleaned up peacefully and I managed to restore to shaving condition. The scales cleaned up and the bolsters turned out pretty good too… luck?
    The bluing is gone from the spine but most still remain on the tang and tail.

    Took some time to hone up, but what surprised me was the HHT… it blew away the hair without a sound… for me that’s unusual for a full hollow.
    It has a pronounced “Hamburg Grind” and sings when stropped… I hear the “singing” is a result of that grind. Nice, even bevel at the edge, and spine wear now looks minimal.

    For a full hollow razor it put up a great show in the battle against my wiry 2 day whiskers, wiped away the growth like there was none to begin with, equaled by only one other razor in my rotation (PJM C-MON Special full hollow).

    What do you guys think?
    Did I make good on a disappointing ebay purchase that I wanted to return to seller?
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    Fantastic job! Looks like you got a good deal after all.......

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    Now see, that wasnt so bad. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!! Damn nice work. Congratulations.

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    looks good, nice job an the blade.

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