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    Default Heirloom Restoration - 11/16 H.Keschner "Diamond" in Ebony

    An Heirloom restore coming off the bench for Matt this week this is his Grandfathers razor a really nice "Diamond" in near perfect condition now...

    I polished out the blade to a near perfect satin and replaced the old plain jane slick black scales with Ebony by request, that was finished with Perma-Lyn...
    The wedge is actually a grey white marble acrylic the pins and washers are NiAg and SS by request and domed by my choice...

    I can't wait to test shave this razor as it is one that fits my personal favorites to a tee I love the size, grind, and point....Matt your grandfather obviously had great taste in razors

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    Looks great Glen. May I ask what you use to dome your washers?

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    Thumbs up WOW

    Glen, that is awesome. My Grandfather passed in the 80's but I'm sure he'd be as impressed as I am... you've turned a negleged "Diamond in the rough" into... well, a DIAMOND.

    I am almost as eager to try your honing (as a benchmark for my own efforts) as I am to have the razor back!

    Thanks again, I'm really pleased and I suspect my satisfaction will increase once she's back home.


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    Beautiful! Clean and simple design really shows off the blade!

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    Congrats Matt... that is indeed a very special razor. Knowing it was in your grand dad's hands makes it the "best" razor you will ever own. Thanks Glen for sharing another one of your masterpieces.
    Having Fun Shaving

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    As a fan of the satin finish. Let me just say
    It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that ain't so..

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