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Thread: Thiers Issard with Mother of Pearl scales

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    100% Classy, very elegant work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by spazola View Post
    100% Classy, very elegant work.


    +1 My thoughts exactly.

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    Wow! I thought these were one piece too. Gotta look hard to see the seams & I'm only guessing about some of them
    Flawless work Walt.
    It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that ain't so..

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    Thank you everyone for the positive comments. This was lots of fun to put together. Almost as much fun to show it, haha. Shell is probably my favorite look for scales. I know for others, might be their least favorite. That's part of what makes all this fun. Something for everyone.

    Many comments about the Toxic Green both pro and some con. I think the color choice is sort of like MOP for razor scales. People like it, or don't, but few are of a middle ground. Hard to put in words why, but I like that.

    I rescaled this razor for someone else. Originally did red liners. Final pinning, blade wasn't centering as desired. Twisting the razor, tapping the pivot pin, I struck the scales. Cracked the MOP directly under the pin on one side. Certain still strong. It would be similar to an extra panel seam, between the epoxy resin layers, but didn't look perfect, so re-made the scales.

    Now over the heart break, I made 6 different pair of slabs. Below is a few of them waiting for another clear coat.

    The six different pair of slabs I made can be seen here

    Color combos on different color liners (white, red, toxic green, black) with different colors of Mother of Pearl (white, gold, white with gold swirls and white/gold panels). I showed these to the owner, and the Toxic Green was chosen. So far it's my favorite color combo. I like how the hue is similar to the pinks and aqua that shows at some angels.

    It was also asked how long it takes. As far as that, I don't really track that. If I did, it stop me from doing them, lol.

    I suspect it takes twice as long to make the slabs, as shaping and doing a final clear coat. So if making wood scales, that get epoxy resin coat, however long it takes you to shape and coat a set of wood scales, multiple by three.

    Also thanks for noticing the seams. To have grain direction close on each panel, I used six MOP pieces,as you can see below.
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    I cut from similar position on each raw piece. After getting edges of panels completely flat, where they are to meet. Recently I added a step to my process, that I now tape the panels together. Tape applied show side. This I do to make sure they don't float and shift on the layer of epoxy on the liners.

    Thanks again to all, hope everyone enjoys the holiday.
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    As always..... AWESOME! I know you used MOP seam invisiblizer solution to make it look so good.

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