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Thread: I've been a bit tardy.

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    Default I've been a bit tardy.

    Hi All,
    You may have noticed that I have not been around much this year and for that I apologise.
    Most of you would have heard that I lost almost all of my shaving gear in a burglary last December.
    Since that time I have lost interest in the hobby that gave me so much pleasure - I have not, however, lost interest in the friends that I have made here (the black dog has been biting).
    I lost about thirty razors and, even though I have more in the shed, I have not had the interest in restoring them.
    Special mention needs to go out to Rick who brought me a 'care package' with some of his razors, strops, brushes and soaps (funny that the grubs didn't take any of my soaps ) - he even returned my kamisori that I had forgotten that I'd lent him...hehehehe
    Rest assured that there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of all you guys and the friendships that I have made here - I am watching what happens here even if I don't post much.
    Smooth shaves to all.
    Hang on and enjoy the ride...

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    Sorry to hear re the robbery but you only need one razor ... or two... or (insert adequate number)
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    I know exactly how you feel. My house was broken into twice in the last 6 months. They took all my guns. My passion my pride and my we-ll All gone. I feel like my life was sucked out of me. I worked so hard for so many years just so some meth head could get his or her fix.
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    Sorry to hear of the break in, keep that black dog at bay. Hate the black dog
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    Hope you manage to find your way back to it and find the passion again. At least you have a legit excuse for buying new stuff
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