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    ouch that must of hurt like crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMS View Post
    I was checking out a commercial dough molder that was making an odd noise. I removed the back panel and disabled the safety switch so that I could observe the moving parts as the do their thing. There are 2 steel rollers at the top of this unit that pulls in and flattens the dough before it is molded into a loaf of bread. I suspected that the odd noise was coming from the scrapers that keep these rollers clean. I was feeling for any dried dough on the rollers as they were moving. at the same time someone on the other side of the bakery recognized me and said "Hey Mark". My attention went to them. I turned my body to the right. My left hand still hovering by the moving steel rollers naturally moved forward right into the rollers. My pinkie was pulled into the rollers.My mind was screaming "You will lose your hand if you don't pull back now." I did pull back and left the upper most portion of my pinkie behind with the exception of the bone which the Doctor removed and stitched as needed.

    Inattention will get you every time!!

    Note to self: PAY A TENTION

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