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Thread: Resources for Razormaking

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    Default Resources for Razormaking

    This thread is an index of resources for the aspiring blade maker. Some may be housed here on SRP, but many are external.

    If you have a resource you'd like to share, please submit a link to forum moderators Bruno or JoshEarl.

    Dr. Verhoeven's Metallurgy for Bladesmiths (free, abridged version)
    Dr. Verhoeven's Metallurgy for Bladesmiths (full, printed version)
    Overview of blade steels

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    These are vendors that JoshEarl has personally dealt with, and the comments reflect his experience with the vendors, not the position of SRP.

    USA Knifemaker Supply--Great prices, good source for grinder parts and belts
    Ellis Custom Knifeworks--Forge materials, heat-treating supplies, ready-made forges
    Texas Knife Supply--Tools, materials, pre-made blades; prices are on the high side, but often the only source for hard-to-find stuff
    Jantz Knife Supply--Similar to Texas Knife; good all-around selection, prices are a little high
    Admiral Steel--Tool and carbon steels; prices are good, but shipping can be steep steel vendor; good prices and reasonable shipping
    Blade Steels, Steel Analysis and Heat Treating Methods.- 1st page
    Poor Boy Blacksmith Tools--I haven't dealt with this guy personally, but the tools he's selling look like they're good intro-level quality. Check out his freon-tank forges--for $200 or so, they're a good deal.

    English to metric measurement calculator
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