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Thread: Wet Shaving as a "way of life"

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    But if you were a bank robber you have to look good ALL the time because you never know when one of your associates might rat you out to avoid a parking ticket. And then they might come in breaking the door down in the middle of your afternoon tea.

    You would have to look good for the mug shots......

    That would make it a way of life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    Well, I don't know if I would go so far as calling it a way of life.

    To me a way of life is something that defines you like being a lumberjack or a survivalist or a bank robber.

    I'm just as gung ho about straights as the rest here but if I had to say how it affects me I'd say it was a hobby with a strong practical side to it.

    Now maybe if I constructed razors from scratch and was part blacksmith and did this full time and lived in an 1800s village then that's a way of life.
    Or maybe Lt. Toshiro Kawasaki could help you find your 'Way of Life'.
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    Well, when I rob banks I do it all alone. Partners mean trouble.

    Yes, the Lt. was a true Samurai and that is certainly a way of life....and death.
    No matter how many men you kill you can't kill your successor-Emperor Nero

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    I used to be a professional truck driver delivering haz-mat chemicals all over the US and Canada. Now, I am a dedicated straight razor shaver. I just drive from truck stop to truck stop in order to shave at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tjh View Post
    On another thread, cuda said this:

    This got me thinking, I think of "wet shaving" and "collecting straights" as a hobby as well, but more than that it's interesting to think of wet shaving especially maintaining straight razors as a "way of life"....who among you share this sentiment, and tell me what does does this 'way of life' mean to you?

    This is specifically for SR's only because that's my interest, but obviously this applies to 'wet shaving' in general.
    To me it's about finding a place inside this community (not just this site but the wet shaving world) as a maker. I shave with a straight, but I don't collect anything, be it brushes, soaps, AS, ...
    I have less than half a dozen of razors, 1 functional brush, 1 type of soap, 2 types of AS.
    For me, the lifestyle is in making blades, working with steel. That is what I love and build my life around.
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