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    Question other forums, wikis, or websites about wet shaving

    Hello all,

    I really like SRP, its forum, and its wiki. However, I also like diversity and multiple sources of information. I haven't been able to find any list of online resources, such as a list of other forums or wikis (on this website or others).

    So here is my attempt to list some. Before you comment or edit my list, I'd like to make three remarks:
    1) I'm looking for online resources for information, tips, or advices, NOT for supplies.
    2) please feel free to correct the list, complete it, or post it on the wiki (ultimately, this should be accessible from the beginner guide I believe).
    3) the 'template' is: - full name ("website_name") ("acronym")

    - shave my face ("shavemyface") ("?")
    - straight razors edge ("straightrazorsedge") ("?")
    - badger & blade ("badgerandblade") ("B&B")
    - classic shaving ("classicshaving") ("?")
    - straight razor place ("straightrazorplace") ("SRP")
    - west coast shaving ("westcoastshaving") ("?")
    - the shave den ("theshaveden") ("?")
    - the art of shaving ("theartofshaving") ("?")

    I'm pretty sure I included suppliers, but I haven't taken the time to check all the websites. Sorry about that.

    Edit: I actually found this page in the wiki:

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    I can't edit my post... so I'll add here:

    - shaving 101 ("shaving101") ("?")
    - shave ready ("shaveready") ("?")

    - razor and stone ("razorandstone") ("?")

    yes, I also think that this website is the best, but having an option is usually better than not having one.

    - the perfect edge ("theperfectedge") ("?")
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    You have to remember that some of those 'resources' are just compilation of what we have here (without giving credit, of course, so it may appear as independent source). Others are just plain misinformation. Sometimes people get banned, other times they just want to have their own kingdom which they can run any way they like.

    But by all means look through anything you like, there's nothing wrong with diversity. I'm sure that eventually you'll figure out what works well and what doesn't.

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    Razor and stone's link is:

    razorandstone - The Front Page

    A number of us here also hang out there. Both sites have members with great attitudes who are around to help and show off new scales and vintage finds .

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