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Thread: 12k naniwa vs pasted strop?

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    20 laps on the 8k,10 laps on the 12k,and 5 laps on CrOx paste.This was on a blade I deliberately dulled with butcher paper.Keep in mind I also have a control razor for comparison

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    Thought I would resurrect this.

    Last night I disassembled my 2" srd latigo hanging strop and applied spray crox to the poly side and let dry. Put it back together and took my "control" razor to it since I am most familiar with it. All I can say is why did I wait. My 12k naniwa produces a consistent smooth edge, the crox made it better. The edge is smoother and sharper. I think I may have had 2 shaves on it before pasted stropping it.

    Given its only one shave but, it feels like that missing extra little something. I'm not sure why it took so long but I am glad that I waited. I have got a lot of miles on my finisher and hit a plateau with my edges, a plateau I think I would have not found had I used a pasted strop earlier. I'm not saying that I have learned all there is to honing, just that I needed to feel like I could do better in order to have the drive to continue to learn and practice.

    Anyways a little shout out to ecormier who suggested trying a crox pasted balsa strop while in chat a few days ago. I went the hanging strop route just because it was there and I didn't have to go into the shop and joint something.

    Now if only my beard would grow faster......

    Just wanted to to add that I pulled the strop slightly more taut than I do for regular stropping and did 10 laps and tried popping some hairs, another 10 and popped some more hairs, then another 10. At 20 laps the edge seemed just as sharp as 30 guessing the sweet spot is some where around 10-15 if that razor had come directly off the hones.
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