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Thread: Barbers hone as a slurry stone for slow cutting natural?

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    What onimaru said - if it works, it works. The old hones are either silicon carbide or some kind of alumina. The only thing that matters is the finish the combination provides and if it does what you want.

    (that said, you can slurry the chinese hone, and it will cut pretty fast because the particles aren't really that small in them, at least not compared to the level of finish they're capable of).

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    I was having the same problem with one of my cotis. I then tried the same idea, I used my thuringian as a slurry stone on the cream side of my BBW with amazing good results. I cant explain it , it just works and really well I must add.

    I theorize that by blending the harder slurry with the softer slow stone it becomes a hybrid of sorts. blend the best of both stones to achieve a 11-12K finisher.
    The guys who know more and have been at it longer can say it much more clearer, because I really dont know how , I just know it does.
    Your only as good as your last hone job.

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    It seems to be working really well as a slurry stone for my ice bear 1k, a slow stone as well until a slurry forms. I have no need to try it on my nortons. I stopped using it on the 12k because it was obvious that the barbers hone is no where near as hard as the 12k.
    thanks for all the input!

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