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Thread: Question about burnishing Arkansas black

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    Quote Originally Posted by duke762 View Post
    Only thing I had on hand was diamond paste. Used a progression of 4 grits on granite tile. Since my compound is in paste form, I thinned it with WD40 to slurry it up. It's like Brylcream. A little dab will do ya'. I stop at a lower grit for softer stones. One side of my blacks and trans are mirrored real nice with .5, one is the next lower grit I have which leaves the surface ever so slightly hazy. This gives me a very fine, final step before finishing on the mirrored side.
    I have CrOx already in a paste form which I'm sure could be watered down with wd40. I will give it a try because I believe CrOx to be around .5 already unless I have read the wrong info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdwinHMcBride View Post
    Used some mineral oil ( norton) on the black ark with my ATOR. Not impressed. The oil was way too thick and the razor was hard to handle and keep steady. The edge was toothy and uncomfortable. Very little irritation though. I would say it came out very sharp but obviously not very keen. Went back to water and the keenness is back. Will try wd40 soon as it's a watery oil and that may be what I'm looking for. If not then oh well. I get great results with water and I'm very happy with that.
    Pure mineral oil tends to be too thick. Sucks the blade down to the stone and kind of has the same result as using too much pressure. It needs to be thinned out some before it can be honed with. Cutting it with mineral spirits works well.
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