Thanks Hatzicho

I have not been active on the forums for several years now, but used to post about Charnleys and have a fair bit of experience with them. I am certain this stone is not a Charley or Lynn Idwall (or Greican) since it appears to polish edges far more quickly while also appearing to be softer in composition - I believe it is sedimentary and not novaculite. I do not know if you have ever sniffed a hone while wet or slurried, but this stone has that 'sedimentary smell'.

Moments ago I ran a razor over it with plain water for 40 or so laps. In my opinion, Novaculite hones feel 'scratchy' (for want of a better term) and offer very little feedback for the first 50-100 laps. This hone provides feedback after 10 or so, like an Escher or Thuringian but perhaps does not have the same 'hovercraft glide' to the latter two - having said that I no longer have and haven't owned for 3 years, a genuine Escher, so it is difficult to be certain and no longer have any vintage Thuringians, but have in the past owned several.

I compared it to a green coticule which is almost the same shade of green. I just noticed that this stone when tilted in the light, shows small sparkles. They are difficult to convey in a photograph but the third photograph above shows a small quantity of those which I can see. The coticule does not show these.

It is a fine finishing hone, but what it is I do not know.