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    Default First Honed Razor


    After spending parts of two days lapping my Naniwa's 1K, 5K, 8K, and 12K with the 325 DMT I broke out the razor.

    The Razor in question is the Old Beauty by The JR Torrey Co. I took my time on the 1K got a nice smooth bevel set being able to cut arm hair. Spent some time on the 5K to start the polishing of the edge.

    Moved on to the 8K and spent more time polishing the edge and noticed the blade felt like it was sucking up to the stone. Do not know if this is a normal feeling, however I was not concerned as it felt smooth.

    Moved to the 12K and did about 30 laps on the stone (was not really counting it just felt about right).

    Shaved with it this morning and it was a fair shave. It felt about like when I sent my Dovo back to Lynn for a touch-up. With this I think I did ok, however have a long way to go to get a smooth shaver from my honing. I think I will take it to the 8K again for a few laps then back to the 12K and see how it goes.

    In all not to bad I think for my first hone job.

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    Congrats on your edges

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    Well done

    It is indeed a most satisfying moment when you first successfully hone your razor !

    Have fun !

    Best regards


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