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    Default Shapton HR vs. HC

    What is the difference between Shapton HR and HC stones? Which are best for straight razors?

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    The HC ones were produced for the japanese markets.
    It is said that the gray (HC) and the white (HR) were built differently,
    using different types of binder.

    I Mix my HR with my HC (1k, 16k, 30k HR and 4k, 6k, 8k HC) without being able to tell a real difference.
    Both are extremely well suited for razors.
    I quess itīs up to you, wich colour you prefer ^.^

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    The HR stones are particularly suited for alloyed modern steels. They will do high carbon too, but effectively being a little more scratchy.
    The HC were built specifically for very hard, but more traditional steels. If you are going to sharpen only high carbon steel, they are a good choice FME but if you need them for alloy steels too, the HR are better suited.

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