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    Default stropping technique

    I bought a fabric woven strop and leather strop
    will fabric woven strop wreck the beve of the blade???

    please advice thank you

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    A lot of folks do 10-30 strokes on the fabric or webbing and then 50-60 strokes on the leather before shaving. It should not hurt the bevel at all unless you put a lot of pressure on the strop and especially on the edge lifting the edge up at the end of the strokes.

    The razor should be flat on the webbing or the leather with the edge and the spine laying flat. You then do your stropping stroke (pushing or pulling) with minimal pressure and change directions by rolling the razor on it's spine. Hold the end of the strop taught, but not so tight that you are cramping your arm.

    Lots to learn. Try to read as much as you can in the forums and don't be in a huge rush for instant success.

    Have fun,


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    When I got my first straight I did not think it was sharp enough either. That was back in August. Just work your technique and you will notice that the blade will seem to get sharper. Another thing, don't expect miracles. You will eventually get fantastic shaves but it will take time. It is a learning process. All the modern razors, meaning cartridge or electric, control pretty much everything for you. Just slap em on and go. With a straight you are in total control. It takes time to learn how to best use these rather simple primitive tools. If you take the time to learn and be patient you are in for a wonderful ride. Anyway, hang in there and enjoy the journey.

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    You already have been welcomed and given some great advice,,,

    Now to let you know of an upcoming event..

    This is the NW meet up from last year and we are planning for the 2nd Annual NW meet this coming September , hope to see you there...

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    Default go to a meet

    I'm just echoing Holli4 and Glenn. The meets are terrific, and you'll meet common-sense people from all walks of life, at various stages of their razor journeys. You'll leave a greater knowledge of razors and how to employ them than you might have thought possible, and it's "hands-on" learning. Try to give it a shot.
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    If you can do this event you wont be disappointed. You will have more opportunity to learn in a few hours what it would take years to learn on your own. Welcome to SRP!
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