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    Default understanding DMT's

    my local hardware store has 2 DMTs in stock, one is a coarse and the other is a fine, the coarse
    reads 325 mesh/45 microns, is that what is considered a 325 DMt, or am i missing something
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    Yes that is the 325 dmt, most of us use it for a lapping plate.

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    They make it two ways. One way is 'interrupted' with the diamonds spaced out and continuous. The DMT D8C (8 being for 8") is the one most guys here use. I have heard guys use the interrupted type too. I've only used the 8" but I've heard that guys use the 6" or the 10". To me the ten inch is overkill unless you have another purpose for it in addition to lapping. The 6" works too, or so I hear, but I like lapping an 8" stone with a plate of equal length.
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