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    Default Don't know what I got

    I am new to this forum and was hoping to get a little assistance. I acquired my grandfather's razors, hones and strop. I don't know exactly how old everything is but I am guessing at least 50+ years based on my mother's memory. The razors I have sent out to be refurbished (and I will post pics in the proper forum when they come back) but I need some help identifying the hones. The only information on the hones are brand names. There is no grit info - so Im not sure how to tell what I can/can't use these stones for. The names on the hones is Sextoblade, Norton and Carborandum (on the box not the blade). Here are some pics. Also, I understand that I will not be honing any time soon. Once I get the razors back they should have a shaving edge on them - I am just looking for info on these and whether they are usable. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. Also, I will post pictures of the strop in the proper forum with similar questions.

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    The sexloblade one is a barber's hone, you use it with lather on the hone and make about 5 strokes to make the razor shave ready again. To use it properly you shave with an already shave ready razor and then use this hone when it begins to pull during a shave, maybe every 10 shaves or so. This will bring the edge back to shaving condition. It is not a hone for full on honing, all these old pocket barber's hones work the same, for touch ups, etc.

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    Sextoblade is a barbers hone the Carborandum can be used in the same way the norton is a indian stone which shouldn't be used on a razor

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