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Thread: Put a Sublime Edge on 7 razors - did some refreshing :-)

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    Default Put a Sublime Edge on 7 razors - did some refreshing :-)

    So decided to do some refreshing of some razors, figure I'd dig into some I've wanted to do, so lined up 6 Wade & Butchers and one Palmera 14 to bring back to Olympic stature.

    Was good to know my touch is still there, mind you, not difficult to go wrong with just a refresh, which is my favourite part of honing, all the fun, minus the honing "gymnastics" if you get
    one of those razors that's difficult to get a bevel set.

    One I had been wanting to do for a while was my Wade & Butcher, The Ottoman Egyptian and Royal Windsor Razor.

    Gave it a nice set of laps on the Nani 12k, then a few strokes on the strop, and then onto a slow, careful session on the Escher Barber's Delight Hone, love the earthy smell that comes of this hone.

    Just had a shave with this one, and was struck at the unique grind of this razor. I always thought it was ground for a more aesthetic appearance, great looking smiling razor, but it never really occurred to me until 30 minutes ago how well this razor handles and what a great shave it gives.

    I was reminded strongly of the Saito Sk-1, that beautiful Japanese razor with the HUGE smiling blade, and how well you can use the heel and toe on various parts of your face to get very surgical with your shave.

    The W&B Ottoman doesn't have quite that large smile, but with the shoulderless blade, thumb notch and no stabilizers, it was really nimble in the hand and I ended up with a superb shave with for me, Sheffield Steel finished on an Esher natural stone is just pure bliss.

    Face is tingling and smooth as silk, all cleaned up with no place to go....stay well gentlemen.

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    Now that’s a rare bird! Must be a great shaver

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    It’s only rare cause Andrew has hoarded all the WB razors for a long time, he lets go of all of them and then everyone has one!
    “ I,m getting the impression that everyone thinks I have TIME to fix their bikes”

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