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    Default How often to lap?

    I'm working on a wedge right now and it is taking a little time to get sorted out on my norton 4k. I probably should invest in a 220/1k stone, but that is a different topic.

    I have been lapping my 4k roughly every 50 laps of the razor. I usually end up needing to flatten my stone based on the pencil lines when lapping. I am trying to set the bevel and know I need to remove a lot of material. I am using a lot of pressure.

    Anyone else find themselves lapping this often.

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    Default hone

    this is the reason i love natural stones.go with them

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    I'm first going to answer your question with a question...
    After 50 strokes with the razor, are you finding significant dishing in your hone when you lap? That is, after 50 razor strokes, if you draw out a grid on the stone and then begin to lap it, are you seeing uneven grid removal, most likely first on the ends of the stone and the center grid being removed last?

    If so, then you're right, the stone was ready for lapping. However, I have a hard time believing that a fully lapped stone can get significantly dished after 50 strokes. I generally do a little lapping after any significant honing session. I don't know how many strokes would have occurred but it would be closer to 500 than 50.

    Perhaps you should invest in a 1K stone sooner rather than later! Personally I would not bother with the 220. I have one and find it to be too soft to be of any use. If you want to go that low in grit you are better off with a DMT320.

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