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    Default Don't wanna lap the stone

    Do you guys had a situation which you don't want to lap stone because it is so rare and does perfect job for you.i basically love this stone but needs to be lapped.?

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    Yes, I had a situation like that. I stumbled upon an Oozuku Suita stone of about comparable grit to the 16K Shapton ceramic on glass.

    I talked to an expert on Japanese natural stones and was told that Suita can be tricky because of the beehive-like nature of the rock. A very hard stone like the Oozuku would end up scratchy and useless if the holes came to the surface for any reason (like lapping and exposing a holey layer).

    So, I lapped anyway. And guess what? Scratchy holes came to the surface and it is useless in its current state. My only hope of resurrecting this stone is to keep lapping until another layer is exposed which is smooth and hole-free.

    Lapping it is a PITA because it is so hard. But I am convinced there is a smooth surface there somewhere......someday.......

    But don't let my experience put you off.

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    well, I am getting a japanese hone from O_S, and it has kanji on it that I would hate to lap off... but I'm going to do it anyway... sigh. Tomorrow actually!

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    If the stone is giving you great results, there is no need to lap it.
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