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Thread: Hello, thanks.

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    Default Hello, thanks.


    Thanks a lot for having me over. I came to this site when looking for help in the chatbox.

    I wanted to buy a vintage puma, but didn't know if it was any good so I asked, and sadly it wasn't any good. ;( I got sad cause it was cheap, but now I am here and well maybe this site can console my pain and sadness, because I wanted a puma.

    I am 21 years old and live in the Netherlands. I want to not only learn how to shave with a straight, I'd like to learn how to restore and stuff as well. However that probably will be a hard thing.

    If anyone has tips/books I would like to know reccomendations And someday.

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    Hi welcome to SRP
    On forum in subforum you can find all that you need for restoration and blade./(also youtube)
    Book? i dont' think....i learn watching youtube and reading some tutorial
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    There is such an amazing volume of information here in the forums and the library. If you need clarification just ask, there is also an amazing number of talented and experienced people here.

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    Hi and welcome. In the workshop forum you'll find all your restore info. In the classified is a want to buy section you could post to try find a nice puma or just check out what's for sale. Using the classified you should be able to pick up a good shave ready razor at a reasonable price.
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    Hi there,

    I'll throw in a couple of links for you here - there's plenty of great stuff available online.

    The best place to start whenever you have a restoration question:

    An example of a start to finish restoration:

    For honing and use advice, both Lynn Abrams (SRP founder, co-owner of Straight Razor Designs) and gssixgun (senior moderator here at SRP, very highly respected restorer, owner of Gemstar Customs) have some very very good and informative videos out on youtube.

    And don't get disheartened by your cheap Puma experience. Most often, you'll find that blades that are available for cheap are cheap for a good reason. However, there are deals to be had out there. You just have to be patient. If you are considering buying a razor, you can always post pics here in the forum and seek advice of others. However, be aware that doing so with something like an ebay sale will alert other buyers, and things can get expensive quickly.
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    It was in original condition, faded red, well-worn, but nice.
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    One of the best ways to get started is to meet up with experienced local guys. You are lucky, there are a bunch of SRP members in the netherlands.

    I did a quick search of the SRP member database and here are the results for "Netherlands".......

    and "Holland"

    Hope this helps,
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