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Thread: Howdy fella's

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    Default Howdy fella's

    Hows everybody doing? New to the sight, forum and the art of face-hacking. I'm from De Winton, Alberta, Canada. I've been using a safety razor for about 1 year now, a shavette for about a month and can't wait to learn more so I can research and purchase my own strait razor.

    I'm especially anxious and excited to get into the honing and stropping aspect, as I am a knife/tool buff and take pride in craftsmanship that relates to me personally.

    I look forward to establishing a relationship and a new life skill thats been used for ages but has been lost among the "men" of my age(25)and generation.


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    Welcome GRRITT to SRP. I like your enthusiasm but would like to caution you about jumping into honing too soon. Stropping is a necessary task right from the start and can be mastered quickly with practice. But honing, despite knife and tool honing experience is totally different. It is like apples and oranges. Develop a good shaving routine first before venturing into honing from bevel setting to shave ready. Read, read, read and watch all the many videos in the SRP wiki, especially those by ssixgun and Lynn (SRP founder) on the subject of razor honing. You won't be sorry you did. And don't forget to ask questions, lots of them. All the members are more than happy to respond.
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    Hi, and welcome to SRP!

    +1 to the advice given by Razorfeld.

    Yes, you should definitely learn to hone your own razors if that's what you want to do, and yes, you should also fight the temptation and hold off a least for a while. There are a few reasons for this: First unless you know what a truly shave-ready straight razor is, you'll be chasing an invisible target. For the first little while, let a pro or an experienced honer near you take care of the honing. And then once the rest of the pieces have fallen into place (stropping, face/beard prep, blade angle/pressure, etc.) take a shot at honing. There are plenty of variables to control with straight shaving, and eliminating honing (for now) eliminates one of those variables. And when figuring this stuff out, that's a good thing.

    Here is one of the best (IMHO) vids out there for anyone considering starting out on honing. Glen takes a fellow honing newbie through the process, giving a great overview.

    Good luck!

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    Hello and Welcome to SRP from another Albertan.
    Yup, take 'er slow and enjoy the ride.
    A bunch of us recently got together in Edmonton for a show and tell.
    Great fun and great opportunity to see first hand.
    We will probably be looking at another in the late spring here in CowTown so stay tuned.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hi and welcome. Take a good look through the library link up top and most of your starter questions will be answered. Good luck and any questions feel free to ask
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