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    Hello All,
    I currently shave with a DE safety razor, but have always been intrigued with the idea of straight razor shaving. On total impulse, I bought this razor off of ebay. It is a Simmons Hardware "Barber's Pet. " Normally I thoroughly research any potential purchases, but not this time. I really hope I did not just flush money on this, but if I did it will be a reminder that lack of sleep and ebay browsing is a bad idea. lol
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    It's pretty thin but perfectly useable. You will need to get it honed before you likely will have any success shaving with it. There is a wealth of information in the beginner's area that you should peruse.

    Where are you located in Iowa? I live in Rochester but still have a house in Iowa City and will need to spend quite a few weekends there this summer. If you are remotely nearby, I can help you with honing or other things you may need help with.

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    Greets from an Iowa Citian!
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    Hi and welcome. Looks usable and the Simmons have a good rep as decent shavers. Get it honed and start shaving. do a bit of reading in the library and you will find most of the info you need to start out. Good luck and any questions feel free to ask.
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