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Ill offer a bit of advice that helped me a bit with stropping. "burry" the spine in the strop. I put burry in quotes because you don't need excess pressure to get the job done but you do need a certain amount of pressure to get the job done. I like to explain it this way, put your razor on your strop spine only. Perform your stropping and listen to what that sounds like. It should be pretty quiet. Then take and lay the blade down and strop as you should with the blade laying flat you should notice a difference in how it sounds. This was how I finally understood how I knew that I was getting the contact that I needed. I hope I have not confused you with this explanation, if I have I will happily try and either share a video to show what I mean or pics. I hope you have success!
Thanks for the stropping advice. That's been my weakness in my SR journey so far.