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Thread: Hello all!

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    Default Hello all!

    Hi folks... newbie from London, UK here.

    I'm here because of Gillette and the prices they charge! When I found Mach 3 blades for the equivalent of $15 for 4 I looked at the alternatives - and started with DE shaving.

    The good old Wilkinson Sword Classic DE got me into wet shaving, with their brush and the Palmolive Soap - proving good shaves do not have to cost money.

    More recently, I got a very cheap shavette type thing that I've been playing with... which works very well for me. I'm slowly getting the technique going and its just a very nice way to start the day.

    So I hope to learn an awful lot more about straight razors with the goal of equipping myself to convert to straights.

    I'm so glad I found this place - its already saved some money. Times is tight and its good to know that those razors which seem an absolute bargain on ebay are crud!

    The thing I have to bear in mind is that whilst there are some gorgeous luxurious products out there, I currently have to ditch some style for substance - but that's what got me away from Gillette in the first place!

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    Welcome. Have fun. Even at the low end of cost a straight provides great style.

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    Welcome to SRP!

    If you havent, give the Wiki a good read as well, its full of useful information and tips. Theres a link at the top of the page..!

    All you'll need to get started is a strop and a razor, as you already have the soap and brush.

    Check out these sites:

    Introduction to razors


    Both are owned by Steve Dempster who is a member here (blueprinciple). He sells shave ready razors and his service is excellent.

    This site: - hand made straight razor strops, razor pouches, shaving accessories, vintage razors, razor honing and restoration

    is also run by a member here (Neil Miller), and he sells his hand made strops.

    All of these sites are UK based and give great service.

    Also check out Trumpers in Mayfair, as they also sell shave ready razors and strops, plus their line of soaps and brushes.

    I'm also living in London (Pimlico) so if you want to meet up, just drop me a PM! I'm very happy to give tutorials, or offer some free honing, or just sink a beer or two..! No beers before shaving though..! Hehe!

    Good luck!
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    Hi and welcome to SRP Fredbare, feel free to browse around and ask any questions that may arise

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