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    Default Time to straighten things out.

    Hello all!

    From a cold'ish European corner I come. All hairy and ugly and uglyhairy ya' know. To straighten things out for good!

    Have been there: powertools > gilette triplesonic > disposable single blade DE > adjustable DE and canned whipped cream > adjustable DE with proper lather > wet dreams about scarysharp razors. Now decided to at least give it a try.

    In my country it goes like that:

    Me: Yello there! I've come in peace to find a good shaving tool.
    SL (as in saleslady): Oy! Ello! ... smiles like a star and hands me a powertool
    Me: Oh - I have two of those - a Philli and a Brownie. No good! Got any' better?
    SL: ... smiles knowingly and hands me a triplesonic (or is it quadriplesonic already?) Thatta the thing! Foam comes in cans and you can do it the old way!
    Me: Eeerm ... Have 1 of those also. Use to shave mi cat before surgery ...
    SL: ... not smiling - more like grimacing ... Well... In this case there are those things you put those cheaper type of blades in them. They're cheap and ... eerm ... some shops still sell them.
    Me: Yap. Have 4 of those. They're not cheap and are actually better than any you showed. But really - I was looking more for this kind of thing ... and take a unusable and rusty straight from around the corner antique shop out of the pocket.
    SL: screams like .... well ... "Scream XIV" and runs away ... to return with a 18 year old security guy.
    Me: sigh... Alright. I won't even try to explain what that really is. You might try with your gramps - he'll remember those. But now - yeah - cuff me and take me to the local police station - they know me well ......

    So I'll be hunting the classifieds for a good starter set of razor and stropping tools. Everything else I already have from DE practice.

    Thank you all for the huge amount of info and very nice videos on this site! They are a great introduction and help for every man sporting facial hair!

    See you around!

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    Welcome to SRP!

    It sounds like you've walked the road that most of us have walked before arriving at SRP and shave nirvana..!

    The classifieds are a great place to find a first razor, and if it is marked as shave ready you can be sure that it will be. Other good places to look are Straight Razor Designs, RupRazor and The Invisible Edge. All are owned by members here and their service is excellent.

    If you havent already, read the SRP Wiki as well. Theres a link at the top of the page for that one..!

    RupRazor sells a great starter strop called The Filly, which would be a good investment. Most newbies hack their first strop up (I did!), so its not worth spending loads on a strop until you have learnt how to do it.

    Tony Miller, SRD, RupRazor, The Invisible Edge and Strop Shop all sell excellent strops so check them out! You can also find strops in the classifieds.

    If you have any questions, please ask! You will find this a friendly and welcoming site and we're glad to have you with us!

    Good luck!

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    Welcome, and try to stay out of jail. No sink in there. Don't ask how I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFDavis11 View Post
    Welcome, and try to stay out of jail. No sink in there. Don't ask how I know.

    Hello and Welcome to SRP feel free to browse and ask questions plenty of knowledge here to help yah

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