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    Default Hi fellow shavers

    Hi fellow shavers. I’m a newbie to online forums but not to shaving with a str8 razor. I started about 15 years ago when I came across an old copy of an early Mother Earth News I had kept from my youth which had an article on using the str8 razor. This piqued my interest. As I had acquired 3 str8s razors from my partner’s father (and grandfather) I thought I would have a go. Started using a Platypus brand 1/2” hollow ground which was in good condition (but had obviously been used a lot by the shape of the blade). Having been around knives and sharp edges (an old leatherworker in a past life) I found it fairly straightforward to put an edge on it. Not a shave ready edge mind you but enough to shave the hairs off your arm. Not knowing much at the time I thought this was okay and shaved away for many years. The back scale must have had a hairline fracture because it eventually broke across the pin hole. Anybody else had that problem? I’d be interested to know how you fixed it. I’m thinking of pining and gluing because the break is old and not a good match but not sure whether this is the way to go. But I digress from my intro…
    Started searching the web for ways to fix it and about 12 months ago made a new pair of scales out of some Australian Blackwood, which has worked fine. The web search put me in touch with a larger audience of str8 razor users than I thought possible…something like coming out of the wilderness and finding…another world. This started my interest in finding out more about honing and putting a shave ready edge on the blade. So started working with my next razor, a Wald Solingen 5/8” hollow ground and got quite a good edge on it after a lot of trial and error. It gave a better shave than the Platypus and had a nice balance to it, so the Platypus got relegated to second fiddle. Then about 6 months ago I bought a brand-new Dovo Stainless Steel 5/8” and having read some of the posts about new razors not being shave ready I gave it a light hone and strop before my first use. It took a couple of shaves for me and the razor to get used to each other. I thought I had a good edge on the Wald Soligen but the Dovo blew me away with the closest shave I had every experienced. So that set the bench mark and I have been working on all of my old razors to get them to the same edge as the Dovo. Along the way I made a couple of strops (photos of one of them is in my first post), acquired a bit more knowledge, but as they say “the more you know the more you find you don’t know”. In the last month I have acquired 3 NOS razors to restore – two are usable and in reasonable repair (an Invicta 6/8” by E.M. Dickinson, and Bengall 1/2”) and third (also a Bengall) I got for spare scales because the blade had a great chunk out of it and was unusable. I will shape it into a skiver for leatherworking. I’m looking forward to restoring the Bengall as I believe these are a very good blade. So I’m off to start on the Invicta as a practice run before I tackle the Bengall. So it looks like I’m may have got a bit of the RAD but then again I had already started with 3 old razors without even trying. If your are wondering the other razor is marked Lowson & Haydon 330 Strand (or it could be Low & Son & Haydon – the marking is a little indistinct even under magnification) 6/8” pretty much in the wedge shape (not hollow ground) with what look like ivory handles. I have started work on it as it was badly scratched with old grindstone marks. I’m interested to see how it shaves compared to the hollow ground razors. Another 2 more and I’ll have a full set! I think that might be away of yet as I what to work on the ones I already have. Well that’s me and my collection. Look forward to learning more from you all and have certainly found the SRP a mine of information. Happy shaving and sharp edges.

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    Welcome to SRP.
    Be careful how you treat people on your way up, you may meet them again on your way back down.

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    Default Hi fellow shavers

    Hello, beechy52:

    Welcome to Straight Razor Place. We're looking forward to more visits from you.


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    Greetings--and welcome to SRP.

    That's an impressive collection of str8 razors you've got there. We'd love to see some photos of them one day--either in the "Show and Tell" or "Shave of the Day" forums.

    Feel free to weigh in on the discussions in the forums when the mood strikes you. We look forward to your input.

    Take care--and continued smooth shaving.
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    Welcome to the insanity

    Some day I need to try a stainless razor again... I just seem to have no luck with the stuff LOL

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    Pull up a chair and make yourself at home..!

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    G'day & Welcome Beechy. Nice to see fellow Aussies infiltrating SRP
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