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    Quote Originally Posted by theshape View Post
    Randy, I am using a plain 2"x17" leather hanging strop, held firmly tight & taute. Still working on my technique. Using an "X" pattern. Always strop before and usuallly so far after I shave as well. But thanks asking. If you have some pointers feel free to comment, I am trying to establish proper techniques now before I am set in my ways!
    Good for you! Some new guys miss the part about stropping before each shave, thats why I asked.
    Pointers? I am not good at giving pointers regarding stropping, others are much better at describing the finer points than I am. Just go slow at first and pay attention to how and where the edge is coming in contact with the leather.

    Good shaving,
    Randolph Tuttle, a SRP Mentor for residents of Minnesota & western Wisconsin

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    Quote Originally Posted by theshape View Post
    Hello all just joined, sick of wasting my money with 5 blade gimmick razors that only last a single shave! Just ordered a Dovo Straight Razor. I always am pleased with the straight razor shave I get from my barber, so I am now waiting for my new razor to arrive and learn to achieve the best possible shave possible!
    For the best possible shave..... a shave soap or cream
    and a shave brush are critical. To start an inexpensive
    brush, soap, bowl kit works wonders. No need to wait
    on your new Dovo to start latherin.

    Pay attention to the shave process at your barber.
    What ever he does seems to work for you so take notes.

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