Hey guys
I am a new guy to this forum and I am sick of mach's
I have actually been trying to get a straight shave for a long time without much luck.
I had four different razors at one point all from second hand stores which never seemed to take an edge well. They are gone now

I picked up a new one for £3 on Sunday
It was a little rusted and chipped at places but the edge was in good condition.
Here are some details on it, I would appreciate it if anyone can give me opinions of this blade if they know of it or the company.
OAL 6 3/16ths"
Blade end to end - fraction under 5 1/2"
Edge length - 2 3/4" before it rounds at the tip a little
Edge width - 5/8"
Spine - 3/16ths"
On blade markings - The 61 Silver
Same side handle markings - JAS.MULHOLLAND, 51 ANN STREET
Opposite side handle markings - Looks to read, made in germany in a circle
Some file grip is on both sides of grip
Handle is cheap looking plastic

The brush I use is like these ones, though I can;t remember which one it is, it loses bristles all the time.
Men-u Premier Shaving Brush blue with stand and free 15ml buddy tube of Men-u Shave Crème - Boots
I got it as a set but it wasn't that price, it must have been on sale
Creme is long gone

Most often I use this stuff because I can't afford more, I'll explain that in a moment.
Boots Original Shave Stick 50g - Boots

Currently I also have
Somersets Original Cooling Shave Gel 200ml - Boots
Which is okay for mach 3 shave.

And also somersets shaving oil,
Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil 12ml - Ideal for Sensitive Skin
Though I am not sure it soaks in enough to cut my rather hard bristles with a SR...could just be skill yet...

I am not going to bother mentioning my after shave lotions and potions as I am more interested in getting a good shave first.

My sharpening sources are low, but I used 1200 grit wet and dry on wood to clean and reshape the edge, Then moved onto an old 8000 grit japanese slip stone I think, might be 4000.

I have one thick strop (I am trying to be a leather worker) loaded with ground down rouge not sure of brand. Which polishes all my camp blades with ease.

I know I need to work on my stropping for this level of edge.

I know all the suggestions for gear to use where possible, but I need more.
Just say I am unemployed and money is very tight as is. I do not have a credit card, won't be using paypall or any other online system any time soon, and I've never seen a SR in shop to even think about buying it.
I am limited to whats available locally.
And my locale is Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Can any of you suggest better products I am likely to get in boots, or gordons?

There have been a few barbers popping up recently in surrounding areas so I am going to check them out at some point. But any other ideas welcome.

For prep
I'll be trying the oil then lather technique this week and see how I go but I usually shave in the bath or shower after I have soaked my face for a while and let the heat absorb around me. Even with a mach 3 this helps to save blade costs.
Lay the stick on me and brush up a lather, the stick I think is my preference as it's compact, camping suitable and consistent in it's results.
But I do not know how to compare those results to any other products than what I have...
A supermarket locally had in stock for a short time an absolutely amazing shaving oil, based on coconut with meadow something added.
Even my partner stole this for her own shaving, and you would think to look at the skin she had that it was five - ten years younger looking.
It really was amazingly slick for mach 3 or even cheap throw aways, but I can't get it anymore for locality reasons. Can't remember the name right now but it was cheaper than a portion of fries from mackers.

My ultimate goal is to be able to take a kit of tiny proportions camping,
I want everything small but mighty manly too.
Eg razor shorter OAL than 3", And yes I have some idea of how hard this will be to find in quality.

Brush fits inside a tube of some sort for protection, Like I said I am a leather worker, and I have sucessfully taken the glued blow of bristles out of a very old brush stuck a complicated knot around it and got something that looks damned cool. Pity the bristles weren't better

Tiny tin for soap supply

Oil/lotion good enough for moisturising and antiseptic in nature.

I had never heard of this scuttle thing before, So hot water under the bowl keeps it warm till you need it, Is that right?

My apologies for cutting to the chase with a load of questions but as least this way all my answers will be in one easy place, until I have more...