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    Talking hello everyone, new member info

    just a little info i would like to share with everyone. . . i am starting off with a Dovo 101581, the 3" extra wide American mountain strop in black, Clubman styptic pencil and Van Der Hagen shave soap. i have not yet had my first shave due to the strop not arriving yet but do look forward to having it tomorrow. any advice or forum recommendations will be highly appreciated. thank you and look forward to speaking to some of the novice soon.

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    It sounds like you have done your homework and got some good kit together. Definately wait for your strop before you start to shave, as stropping is key to a good shave.

    At this point I'd recommend reading the "First Shave" articles linked via the Wiki in my sig line below. Have a read of the sticky'd threads in the Shaving, Stropping, Soaps & Creams and Razors forums as they will also help you a lot. The "Lynn's Tips" threads are definately worth a look and you'll find these sticky'd in those forums.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    EDIT: Heres the first shave article:

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