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Thread: Hi from NY

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    Default Hi from NY

    Hello. I am new to the straight razor community. Started with a disposable blade straight razor, in order to "try it out" before I made a potentially expensive commitment. I have been using the disposable for about three weeks (Derby blades), and I change the blades very frequently as I have a fairly coarse beard. I am enjoying the process of straight razor shaving, and I am finding that i am getting better as I refine my limited skills.

    I have a question in regards to the razor itself. I realize that disposable blades are a short term solution, but I am wondering if you all would think that by purchasing a quality razor that I might limit the razor burn and nicks that i am getting as I shave. Again, I realize that some of this is due to my need to practice technique, but I am wondering if the quality of razor would affect these areas.


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    Welcome to SRP Chris. Where in NY are you located?

    Razor burn is usually associated with an improper angle and too much pressure. Nicks and cuts are technique. Don't pause the blade on your skin and stretching the skin may reduce the cuts and nicks. A dull blade will also increase the nicks, cuts and razor burn but as you are using disposable blades that should not be an issue unless you are rolling the edge somehow like stropping or wiping the lather off the blade on something hard.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome to Straight Razor Place!

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    Welcome to SRD and may the soaps and creams protect you from your blade(s) ;-)

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    Hi, Chris. Welcome.

    I started out in a very similar way to you and for the same reason. My blades were Japanese feather blades, but I don't think that was a brand name or anything. The blades are very thin, and I was told they wouldn't be good for going against the grain (ATG). It's true: they're not; but I was also still using Gillette shaving gel. I hacked up my face pretty good the first time--so much so that I was put off straight-razor shaving for a couple of months.

    I just purchased a Boker Edelweiss and have shaved with it six times using The Body Shop's Maca Root shaving cream. The first three times there was still a fair bit of razor burn and irritation, but no cuts. The last three times have been better. I'm able to go ATG on my neck without
    as much irritation--but the irritation is still there.

    I'd say it's a combination of better shaving cream, better shaving and lathering technique, a better razor, and my skin getting used to it. It just takes practice and patience.

    Good luck.

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